Our Program

Participants enjoy a great variety of quality programs each day at KALP. Our access fees are kept as low as possible so all participants can enjoy the activities.

We are always looking at new and innovative ways to improve the development of our participants, and to make KALP as much fun as possible! We are always looking for new ideas. If you have one, please email Matt Woodford with your suggestion.

Our current activities include:

Physical Movement
Physical movement is conducted by Janette Dwyer twice a week. It was a great success during second half of 2010 and we have decided to increase it to twice a week. Participants receive one-on-one training as well as group activities.

Riding for the Disabled
We visit RDA at Samford weekly when weather permits. Please note, extra costs are involved for participating in this activity.

Meals on Wheels
Once a week, some of our participants deliver meals to the elderly, sick and frail through the Meals on Wheels program.

Lawn Bowls
A new activity for KALP, some participants are enjoying taking part in lawn bowls at the Wavell Heights Bowling Club.

10 pin bowling
Weekly visits to Chermside Hyperbowl or Aspley Ten Pin Bowl are a long term favourite for our participants.

Library visits
We visit Chermside Library weekly, where participants can use the internet, and borrow books and other materials.

This is a favourite summer activity at KALP. Some participants visit Shaplands Hydrotherapy Pool, while others visit Chermside Aquatic Centre.

Community Outings
Wednesday is community based activity day at KALP. Participants take part in a range of activities from accessing public transport, to visiting cultural institutions, parks, the city and other areas of Brisbane.

Bike Riding
Thanks to grant funding and community support, we have a great range of bicycles and equipment for all ranges of abilities. 7th Brigade Park is our backyard, and has a great range of bike tracks for everyone to enjoy.

The Delaware Street Community Garden is a great place for participants to learn about growing and caring for vegetables and other plants.

Rock Climbing

Shopping & Cooking