Our community

KALP has a large community or 'family'. They are our participants; their families and carers; our staff; volunteers and management committee; our members; community supporters and funding bodies.

KALP receives funding for participants through individual packages through Disabilities Services, part of the Queensland Government's Department of Communities. We are also proudly connected, either through membership or as a signatory, with the following organisations and groups:

National Disability Services (NDS)
KALP is a member of the Queensland division of NDS, Australia's peak body for non-government disability services.

Queensland Council of Social Services (QCOSS)
KALP is one of 650 members statewide of QCOSS, the Queensland peak body for social services.

Volunteering Queensland
We are a member of Volunteering Queensland, which helps individuals who connect with the community by volunteering, link with organisations like KALP.

Lifelong Learning Council Queensland
We are members of the this voluntary non-government organisation which, like us, has a strong belief in the importance of lifelong learning.

30 Mob
30Mob is a group of service managers brought together by NDS from 30 small disability organisations across Queensland. The aim of 30Mob is to provide an opportunity to come together and reflect on business practices and encourage collaboration. This community of practice provides support and opportunities for professional development. KALP's former service manager Jane Geltch, was a founding 30Mobber, and our acting Service Manager, Matt Woodford, is now our service's representative.

Greater Brisbane Mob is a smaller group of 30Mobbers from the Brisbane region. KALP has worked with three other services to introduce a shared induction program for all new staff.

Australian Community Services Employees Association
The ACSEA is Australia's leading Community and Not for Profit Employee Association.

KALP is also a signatory to the following campaigns and agreements, which impact on our service and the disability sector, and importantly, align with our values.

Every Australian Counts
Every Australian Counts is the campaign for the introduction of a National Disability Insurance Scheme. The NDIS will revolutionise the way people with a disability, their families and carers are supported in this country - making it easier for people to access essential care, support, therapy, equipment, early intervention and training. We encourage others to sign up here

National Compact
KALP is one of 560 signatories to the National Compact, and agreement between the Australian Government and the community sector to work together in new ways based on partnership and respect.

Queensland Compact
We are also a signatory to the Queensland Compact, a partnership agreement designed to guide the relationship between the non-profit community services sector and the Queensland Government to achieve better outcomes for Queenslanders.