Our team

KALP has a team of passionate, dedicated, professional people committed to our vision and values. This includes our volunteers who help deliver programs and provide support.

Contact us from 9am-3pm weekdays on 3633 0204, or see our individual contact details.

Damon Senior - Service Co-ordinator

Tracy - Team Leader


Tracy is one of our longest serving team members, and her calm, relaxed manner makes her popular with participants and fellow team members. She also has a great understanding of participants' needs, taking the time to get to know everyone, and they respond really well to her in return.
Tracy's vision for KALP is to help create a service that develops the quality of life and enjoyment of participants. She says the challenge is to find places and activities that each participant enjoys. Tracy's ideal is a busy program of activities that involve participants in their community. A self-confessed "outdoors chick", Tracy loves spending time camping with
her family and friends, and her favourite way to relax is to go fishing at Morteon .

Jenny - Disability Support Worker

JennyJenny started with KALP as a volunteer support worker in the very beginning, and has been working with us every since! Her daughter attends KALP. Jenny's smiling face and gentle nature makes her a joy to have around. Jenny loves helping the participants to enjoy their activities, be that walking, riding bikes or arts and crafts.

She loves doing everything with them to help them have a great day, every day! Jenny has a husband and four kids and when not having family time she enjoys art (and is rather good at it!) and listening to music.

Shamira – Disability Support Worker

ShamiraShamira started as a support worker with KALP in 2011.

She loves that KALP means getting people with disabilities out into the community, and believes community based activities are important for everyone! Her vision for KALP is to see it get bigger.

Shamira is a creative soul. She has a beautiful little girl and was recently married!

Lauren – Disability Support Worker

LaurenThe thing Lauren loves most about working here is the great mix of people and plenty of laughter: "No two days are ever the same so you are always kept on your toes." She hopes to see KALP expand our service so we can offer excellent programs and lifestyle choices to more people in out community with intellectual and other disabilities. Lauren is very grateful for her wonderful loving family, members of whom are involved in KALP in one way or another – her nanna, mum and dad, two brothers and a sister who is a participant – and of course her lovely supportive partner Luke! Outside KALP, Lauren is known for her cooking and entertaining, and loves travelling, movies, music, playing sport and home renovating.

Jordon – Disability Support Worker

JordonJordon began as a volunteer in May 2011 and so impressed the team that two months later was employed as a support worker.

His vision is to make sure each participant reaches their goals and to have fun while at KALP. He loves the fun activities and the fun people he works with.

Jordon's family all work in the community sector and love helping people out – so he is keeping it in the family! In his spare time, Jordon also loves to play soccer and keep fit.

Valovale – Disability Support Worker

LanyValovale (or as we call him Val) is our newest member to the KALP team. Val is married and has 5 children. Val is a gentle giant and who is fitting into KALP very well. It is great to have another male support worker. His interests are Rugby League and Union, music and he is also a great cook. Val is Samoan and it is great to see him teach our staff and participants alike his culture.

Lavinia– Disability Support Worker

LanyLavinia has been at KALP for over two years. She started at KALP as a volunteer and now is a fully paid Support Worker. Lavinia has just finished her studies for her Diploma of Comminity Service.Lavinia is gentle quiet soul who enjoys going out on the weekends with her friends to enjoy Brisbanes Nightlife as well as music and going to the movies.