Our Services

KALP operates five days a week for 48 weeks a year - from 9am to 3pm.
We have a range of programs that focus on helping participants build on the skills they have learned in the past and learn new ones to enhance their personal development.
Our premises are the Geebung Scout Den in Delaware Street, Geebung, which we are in the process of upgrading.

Our Program
We ask lots of questions to discover the goals and interests of our participants
Everybody's goals and needs are different, and we want to be sure the programs we offer will help our participants achieve those goals. Every day offers many opportunities for exercise, literacy & numeracy, personal care, communication and social skills training.
Click here to learn more about our current programs and activities

How much will it cost?
If you receive individual or group Disability Services funding and choose KALP as your preferred service provider, your package will pay for the service you receive. Part of your package can also be brokered to or from other agencies if you choose part-placements between KALP and other service providers. If you do not receive individual funding, you can still 'buy' time at KALP with your own funds.
Your individual contribution will be based on the amount of time you attend, the level of support you need and your capacity to pay.

How can I be sure I will receive a good service?
We ask from lots of input on how we can provide the best possible services and how we can continue to improve.
Our participants and their families are our reason for being, and their needs and views are essential to us.
We achieved accreditation under the Queensland Disability Service Standards in May 2009 and continue to maintain it, with the help and input of our participants.

KALP wants to be sure that you feel heard. Click here to read about advocacy.

Speaking up
All feed-back is valuable. If you have any concerns about the service you are receiving, we encourage you to discuss them with the Service Manager. Click here to learn about our complaints process.

Keeping and sharing information
We only collect information about you that helps us provide a safe and quality-assured service. Only the people that work directly with you will have access to your personal information. Click here to learn more about privacy.

I'd like to apply
If you would like to be a participant at KALP, call us up and we will make an appointment for an assessment of your needs and goals.

If you would like to volunteer, work with us, or be a part of our community in any way, we would love to hear from you. Then we can work out together if KALP is the place for you!

Matt Woodford - Service Manager
M: 0459 225 479 E: matt@kalp.org.au